Friday, April 17, 2009

6 into 5 won't go

Hey, how'd you like to entrust your little darling to this Mum.

This arvo on Five Islands Rd, Unanderra we spotted a white holden Barina -rego 2BK545- with two adults in the front and 4 girls, all about 6-8 years old, in the back.

My wife immediately asked me if it was possible that the car had seatbelts for 4 in the back. My reply was a definite "No way".

At the lights at the intersection of Five Islands Rd and Springhill Rd my wife made gestures to the female driver with her seatbelt and pointed to the kids in the back, one of whose life the Bloody Idiot Driver was putting in jeopardy. She got an 'if looks could kill' stare for her trouble.

The kids in the back seemed to get the message though. Since they are unlikey to be quads, some of them were more than likely in the care of the driver and may be prompted to go home and tell their parents about the woman in the van who scolded Mrs ? for not providing a seatbelt for one of them.

Mum's I score has to be a 9.5 since she put the life of a child on the line so willingly, surely one of the biggest no-no's going.

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