Sunday, February 14, 2016

My mate Warren reports-
"Yesterday I drove to Newcastle and back on personal business. In Singleton I found the first a'hole driver in a Hilux who belligerently forced a merge just before the Hunter River bridge in the town. Trust me, it was a high powered big revving, jumping his vehicle aggressvely into the line instead of waiting his turn, kind of thing. That actually was a close call. Then I stop at Maccas just down the road, in Singleton for a bite. Leaving said salubrious establishment (where most of the diners looked to have heads like mice!), here comes another tradie in his Hilux. This time towing a wire cage box trailer. In an inexcusable display of poor road manners he jumped out to the left of me as we were leaving the Maccas carpark and cut me off as we had to wait for traffic to clear in the side street leading out tp the New England Highway. I nearly tangled with the idiot's box trailer. He would say he was inmpatient having to wait for me to give way to other cars??? Then in Newcastle I had (yes you guessed it another feckin Hilux) tailgate the hell out of me while I tried to find the turnoff I needed. So ONE DAY, Three arseholes in HiluxesHiluxes."