Thursday, March 5, 2009

AY 66 KN - Come on down!

Our first 'customer' is a classic. You know the type I mean; a typical young driver in a hurry to get nowhere in particular. Other drivers are obstacles to be overcome in the race to get to the front of the traffic jam.

Travelling along the narrow and busy Erskineville Rd at about 12.45 pm yesterday, a young female driver beeped me and went to overtake by pulling out onto the other side of the road across the double unbroken lines. Fifty metres or so further on she tried again.

At the next lights I got out to ask her if she had a medical emergency but she suddenly became shy and wound up her window, pointed to the back of my van and motioned that she was going to call someone, presumably to complain about me. My office didn't receive any complaint. It wouldn't have done her any good anyway. I own the company. Maybe she was thinking of ringing the Police. Perhaps she interpreteted the tone of my voice as 'road rage'.

I rang a very sympathetic officer at Newtown Police Station and left details of the incident. AY 66 KN is now on file.

Why do young drivers of small, zippy cars think they have rights over and above other drivers who just want to get from A to B safely?

Since she's our first player I'll give her a lenient I score of 7