Sunday, February 14, 2016

My mate Warren reports-
"Yesterday I drove to Newcastle and back on personal business. In Singleton I found the first a'hole driver in a Hilux who belligerently forced a merge just before the Hunter River bridge in the town. Trust me, it was a high powered big revving, jumping his vehicle aggressvely into the line instead of waiting his turn, kind of thing. That actually was a close call. Then I stop at Maccas just down the road, in Singleton for a bite. Leaving said salubrious establishment (where most of the diners looked to have heads like mice!), here comes another tradie in his Hilux. This time towing a wire cage box trailer. In an inexcusable display of poor road manners he jumped out to the left of me as we were leaving the Maccas carpark and cut me off as we had to wait for traffic to clear in the side street leading out tp the New England Highway. I nearly tangled with the idiot's box trailer. He would say he was inmpatient having to wait for me to give way to other cars??? Then in Newcastle I had (yes you guessed it another feckin Hilux) tailgate the hell out of me while I tried to find the turnoff I needed. So ONE DAY, Three arseholes in HiluxesHiluxes."

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Why isn't there a special lane for fluoro utes, especially green ones, on our major highways and freeways. You know the type of utes I'm referring to. The ones that have never had a spanner, let alone a bag of cement in the back. The rear half of the vehicle has absolutely no practical use except to look cool.
We sensible drivers who like to sit in the one lane, at or near the speed limit, must be slowing up these 'special', invincible drivers no end. They are forced to dodge and weave at speed through a sea of we mere mortal drivers. It's not fair on them.
Come on NSW Government; make UteLanes a reality. We'll all be a lot safer.

Friday, April 17, 2009

6 into 5 won't go

Hey, how'd you like to entrust your little darling to this Mum.

This arvo on Five Islands Rd, Unanderra we spotted a white holden Barina -rego 2BK545- with two adults in the front and 4 girls, all about 6-8 years old, in the back.

My wife immediately asked me if it was possible that the car had seatbelts for 4 in the back. My reply was a definite "No way".

At the lights at the intersection of Five Islands Rd and Springhill Rd my wife made gestures to the female driver with her seatbelt and pointed to the kids in the back, one of whose life the Bloody Idiot Driver was putting in jeopardy. She got an 'if looks could kill' stare for her trouble.

The kids in the back seemed to get the message though. Since they are unlikey to be quads, some of them were more than likely in the care of the driver and may be prompted to go home and tell their parents about the woman in the van who scolded Mrs ? for not providing a seatbelt for one of them.

Mum's I score has to be a 9.5 since she put the life of a child on the line so willingly, surely one of the biggest no-no's going.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

AY 66 KN - Come on down!

Our first 'customer' is a classic. You know the type I mean; a typical young driver in a hurry to get nowhere in particular. Other drivers are obstacles to be overcome in the race to get to the front of the traffic jam.

Travelling along the narrow and busy Erskineville Rd at about 12.45 pm yesterday, a young female driver beeped me and went to overtake by pulling out onto the other side of the road across the double unbroken lines. Fifty metres or so further on she tried again.

At the next lights I got out to ask her if she had a medical emergency but she suddenly became shy and wound up her window, pointed to the back of my van and motioned that she was going to call someone, presumably to complain about me. My office didn't receive any complaint. It wouldn't have done her any good anyway. I own the company. Maybe she was thinking of ringing the Police. Perhaps she interpreteted the tone of my voice as 'road rage'.

I rang a very sympathetic officer at Newtown Police Station and left details of the incident. AY 66 KN is now on file.

Why do young drivers of small, zippy cars think they have rights over and above other drivers who just want to get from A to B safely?

Since she's our first player I'll give her a lenient I score of 7